Why rent

Why rent?

Easy access to the freedom of the ocean

Find a boat

Renting a boat does not take many steps. All you need to do is search for a boat in the location you want, browse the results and choose the boat that best fits your needs. 

Send a request or make an instant booking

Send a booking request to the boat owner and wait for a maximum of 24 hours for their approval. Are you standing ‘on site’ looking to book a specific boat, or don’t want to wait for your booking to be accepted, look for the instant booking option. If the boat owner has enabled this function, your booking will be accepted instantly. 

Have fun!

When your booking request has been accepted, you’re ready to set sail! Show up at the boat’s location, board the boat by filling out the boat report in the app, lean back and enjoy your time at sea.

Sailing with or without a sailors certificate?

Don’t have a certificate?

Not having a sailors certificate should never stop you from going on the trip of your dreams. We offer several boats with captains - just choose that you want to sail with a captain, and we will show you an ocean of possibilities. 

Have a certificate?

Great! To be approved as a renter with a renter who’s going to sail the boat yourself, all you need to do is go to your profile and sign the declaration of honour that you have a valid and active certificate, and you’ll be ready to sail straight towards your next adventure. 

Option to use boat for accommodation only

Sailing on the ocean is not for everyone - but why not still have the best front line view straight to the ocean? Renting a boat for accomodation only is a possibility you can choose with Boatflex. Just choose ‘accomodation only’ when making your booking, and combine the best of both worlds with seaside view. 

So why rent with Boatflex?

Because it’s easy, it’s secure, and you get to enjoy the freedom of being on a boat even if it’s not your own. Make a booking today, and become a Boatflexer!