Why list

Why list?

Sharing is caring - and with Boatflex it is easy and breezy!

Boats that keeps on giving

When you list your boat - or boats - through Boatflex, you’re able to make money at the same time. In fact, you can earn up to €30.000 a year! This way having a boat will not only be cheaper for you, but it will also help others gain access to the water.

List your boat

Fill out information about your boat, set a price, upload photos, and your boat is ready to set sail. Easy breezy - and with this short process it makes it much easier to list all of your boats if you have more than one. 

Approve bookings - or instant booking

When someone is interested in your boat, they will send you a booking request. Once you have reviewed their request, you can approve it. If you don’t want to go through each and every request, you can enable instant booking. This way the renter's booking will be accepted immediately without needing your attention.

Captained trip

When renting your boat you have 4 possibilities: 

  • Captain renters who do not have a certificate.
  • Captain renters who have a certificate, but want to rent you to captain your boat - this way you earn extra money.
  • Let renters with a certificate sail the boat themselves.
  • Rent your boat for accommodation only, where the boat never leaves port. 

Secure platform that holds both renters and owners responsible

The Boatflex platform is built around a system that holds both boat owners and renters accountable, so you’re guaranteed that renters will take proper care of your boat - sharing your boat should always be a great experience.

So why list with Boatflex?

Because it’s easy, it’s secure, you share the joy of the ocean and you make money on it at the same time - that’s a win/win in our eyes! Start listing today, and join our community of Boatflexers.