About Boatflex




Welcome to Boatflex, Europe's #1 digital platform for boat rental, connecting boat owners and sailors around the world.



Boatflex was founded in 2014 by Jonas Høgh, Jakob Bojesen and Jes Brinch, with the mission of making boating more accessible and affordable for everyone. Initially, Boatflex was a traditional boat rental platform focused mainly on the Scandinavian market.

However, over time, Boatflex began to expand its reach and develop a more global focus. In 2018, the company was acquired by a group of investors who saw the potential in the company and wanted to help it achieve its full potential.

Under the new leadership, Boatflex underwent a significant transformation, expanding its digital platform and developing a strategic focus on sending more than 30,000 sailors to Southern Europe for sailing trips. This new approach allowed Boatflex to reach a wider audience and establish itself as a leader in the boating industry.

In 2022, Boatflex set sail on the complete relaunch, presenting a brand new state-of-the-art website and app solution, making boat rental easy and accessible - right in your pocket. We have gone from being a traditional boat rental platform, to being one of the top players on the international market for renters and boat owners. 

Today, Boatflex is a thriving digital platform that connects boat owners with sailors around the world. With a focus on affordability, accessibility, and quality, Boatflex is committed to making boating more enjoyable and accessible for everyone.




At Boatflex we have a small, but passionate, committed and professional team. Setting the course is our interim CEO, Susan Nørgaard, who brings more than 30 years of experience in management and leadership to our team, and her passion for boating and commitment to our mission have been invaluable in driving our success.

Our Charter and Support Manager Michelle is responsible for ensuring that our customers have the best possible experience on the water. She works closely with our charter companies, boat owners and local partners and development team to ensure that everything runs smoothly from start to finish, and she is always available to answer any questions or concerns that our customers may have.

Together, Susan and Michelle are an integral part of the Boatflex team. In addition to this, we are fortunate to have a strong investor team supporting us, who are bringing a wealth of experience and expertise in business development, finance, and entrepreneurship. Their guidance and support have been instrumental in helping us achieve our goals and position ourselves as a leader in the boating industry.

At Boatflex, we believe that our success is a reflection of the talent, dedication, and passion of our team. From our interim CEO and investors to our charter and support manager, we are fortunate to have a team of exceptional professionals who are committed to making boating more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.



Our strategy at Boatflex is to focus on the southern European market and send our more than 30,000 sailors to the region for an unforgettable sailing experience. We believe that southern Europe has some of the most beautiful coastlines and sailing destinations in the world, and we want to share these experiences with our customers.

To achieve our goals, we have partnered with charter companies and boat owners to offer exclusive discounts and packages to our customers through our Boatflex Charter Club. We have also invested heavily in our technology to provide a seamless booking process and ensure that every aspect of the sailing trip is taken care of. With a state-of-the-art mobile app and web solution, we are sure to reach these goals.



At Boatflex, we are committed to making sailing accessible to everyone, whether you are a seasoned sailor or a first-time boater. We strive to provide exceptional customer service, reliable and safe boats, and unforgettable sailing experiences. Join us on this adventure and discover the beauty of the world's oceans with Boatflex.