About Boatflex

About Boatflex

Who are we?

Boatflex is Europe’s #1 online boat rental platform for renters and boat owners, creating unique sailing experiences all along the coastal regions of Europe.

Our motto is Sailing Is Living, and we believe that sailing is for everyone. That is why we give our Boatflexers access to more than 15,000 boats, both close to their homes and on their vacation – the majority of which can be rented in combination with hiring a captain, so everyone is able to dip their toes into the welcoming waters of the sailing community.

We value togetherness, both in our own crew and in the services we’re offering, and we believe there is no comparison to the personal connection you get from sharing with others. Therefore, we give you access to professional and private rental boats, where you will be able to connect directly with the people renting out their boats and get tips and ideas for how to get the most out of your journey on the water.

For boat owners, we wish to foster the opportunity to share your love of the sea by renting out your boats. This not only allows you to get an extra income from your boat everytime you rent it out, but also to meet new people and create friendships with others who value the freedom of the ocean.

Sailing is living, and with Boatflex, sailing is for everyone.