Boatflex Charter Club



Boatflex Charter Club is a unique offer for you as a charter company, where you will always be the first to receive significant bookings and special request.

We offer to create your fleet on our platform, and include you as a partner in exclusive market insights. We’re happy to welcome you aboard as a Boatflexer!


Why Boatflex Charter Club?

• Full strategic focus on Southern Europe

• We create your fleet on our platform

• Larger reach and branding on our social media

• Be the first to receive significant bookings and special requests

• Exclusive insights in the Boatflex market

• A community of 30.000+ European sailors looking for rental boats

• Increase your number of bookings through our SmartBooking system


What makes Boatflex unique?

Boatflex is Europe’s #1 boat rental platform, with a full strategic focus on the Southern European market, ensuring you as a European charterer access to our database with more than 30.000 European sailors.

With Boatflex, you place your fleet on a platform that utilises data and digital services to create a smooth rental experience for both you and your customers with our revolutionary SmartBooking and Boat Rental Report systems.


Unique SmartBooking system

Boatflex has developed a never before seen system, allowing renters to send out an open booking request - a SmartBooking. This gives you as a charterer the opportunity to take action on open SmartBookings from renters, where you can send the renter the best offer you have for their next great adventure at sea. 


Want to become a Boatflexer?

Contact our Charter Manager at support@boatflex.com to become part of the Boatflex Charter Club.