Why rent a boat in Greece?

Why sail in Greece?

Greece is an obvious holiday destination if you want to enjoy a few days on the water. The Greek archipelago offers endless possibilities among the more than 1200 islands, where you will find the most beautiful water. Rent a boat in Greece and be invited to all kinds of sailing for families, friends and couples.


By renting a boat in Greece, you open yourself up to completely new experiences within the realm of the beautiful country, and you get the opportunity to sail around between all the islands that have created Greece's great history. When you rent a boat, you can either sail on your own and explore the Greek archipelago by yourselves, or you can rent a boat with a captain who will make sure to steer you on a fantastic trip.



Out on the water, you can enjoy days of relaxation under the sun, while the boat moves gently through the waves of the Mediterranean. For the family and the couple, a smaller boat leads you to fantastic experiences on the water and easy transport between the islands. For a group of friends, you can rent a larger boat or yacht, where there is room for lots of fun and partying and memorable hours on the water.


The trick is to limit yourself, when you sail around the Greek archipelago. With the many islands, it is almost impossible not to be overwhelmed by the possibilities. The Cyclades, the Dodecanese, the Saronic Gulf, the Sporades, the Ionian Islands. All places offer formidable conditions for sailing with both motorboats and sailboats, and around the islands' coasts you will find thousands of kilometers of beautiful sandy beaches, charming fishing villages and cozy harbors.


When you dock in the Greek ports, you can also look forward to tasty dining experiences. The Greek restaurants offer wonderful insights into Mediterranean cuisine, which is rich in fresh fish, spices, herbs and, of course, Greece's well-known olives and citrus fruits. So take a detour from the most touristic areas and feel the real Greece by renting a boat, so you can set the course for your holiday yourself.

Where to sail in Greece?

The Greek archipelago offers fantastic areas for sailing, and the beautiful waters lead you between enchanting islands that all invite you to pull in for a stop. You can for example set a course for Mykonos, Rhodes or Santorini, where you will find a wonderful mix between nature, life in the harbor towns and relaxation for the family, friends or the couple.

The more than 1,200 islands and the long coastline provides the perfect conditions for a wonderful holiday on the water when you rent a boat for the long sailing trip or for individual day trips. Greece's wonders are found at least as much on water as on land, which is why renting a boat is a perfect opportunity to get as much out of your Greek holiday as possible.


The only issue with sailing in the Greek archipelago is that there is almost too much to see. You can hardly have a holiday that is long enough if you want to visit all the islands. If you just want a single trip to an island, a day or two on the water is plenty. But if you can spare a week or more to sail around, you will have the opportunity to get far and wide among the islands. It will also give you the chance to wander around the islands' natural areas, gain new experiences in Greek culture and be fascinated by the charming urban areas.

Go island hopping

The sailing season in Greece typically runs from May to October, and here you can look forward to beautiful sailing between the more than 1,200 islands. If you want the opportunity to go island hopping, rent a motorboat or sailboat in Greece, where you will be able to quickly get from the coast of the mainland to the beautiful islands.

An obvious island to visit is Mykonos. The island is famous for its almost fairytale-like appearance with windmills and white houses, just as Mykonos is known for an exciting nightlife and fantastic sandy beaches from which you can swim. Mykonos was once among the poorest islands in Greece, but today Mykonos is one of the most beautiful and famous holiday destinations.


Here you get an enchanting stretch of coast by the largest city, Hora, where you will find lots of cultural life, opportunities for shopping and dining experiences, and your own rental boat can be moored in a cozy harbor, while larger cruise ships can be taken into view not far away.


If you fancy a longer sailing trip that offers a beautiful sight at every turn, you should sail between the Ionian Islands. Here you will find the most beautiful and unforgettable sailing routes, and the archipelago offers plenty of opportunities to go ashore. Visit for example the popular island of Corfu, which offers both magnificent nature and some of Europe's most beautiful golf courses. If you are more into idyllic experiences, sail to Ithaca where you will find plenty of beautiful mountain walks and feel the air of history, as this island is known to have belonged to Odysseus from Homer's Odyssey.


Finally, you should also make sure not to miss the Cyclades, which is an archipelago consisting of approximately 220 islands. The islands are spread out and offer a wide range of exciting experiences with lots of possibilities, regardless of which islands you sail to. Visit for example Santorini, one of the archipelago's most beautiful islands. Near Santorini is a flooded crater from a prehistoric volcanic eruption, which you will have plenty of time to explore on your own if you hire a boat to sail there, either by yourself or with a captain to set the course.


How to rent a boat in Greece?

Greece offers amazing views and experiences from the water, and there are plenty of boats to rent along the Greek coasts. Therefore, it can easily become an unmanageable task to find the best solution if you want to rent a boat in Greece.


With Boatflex, you find the best boats in Greece. Directly from our website or app, you have the option of renting boats that suit your needs. If you are a family or a couple, we have the boat for the pleasant trip when you wish to go island hopping, and if you are a group of friends, we have larger boats that are suitable for parties and fun on the water.


Through Boatflex, you have the opportunity to sail by yourself (bareboat) or book a boat with a captain (skippered charter). Sailing yourself requires a sailing certificate, while you do not need to have any sailing experience if you book a boat with a captain. There you can just sit back and enjoy the trip, the water, the warm breeze and the beautiful view.


If you want to experience all of Greece, you have to take a trip on the water. Find your rental boat the easy way through Boatflex and get safely on the water for a trip that creates memories for a lifetime.