Sailing in Valencia, Spain

Tired of the usual travel destinations you are going to? Why not try some place where you can learn another language and enjoy the sights of the beautiful country of Spain? This country is a place where you should have not yet visited yet and if you are interested then it is suggested that you visit some of the cities there especially the major ones. One of those major ones that many travellers and tourists would recommend to you would be the third largest city in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona and that would be the beautiful city of Valencia.

Landscape and climate

Valencia is the capital of the autonomous community of Valencia and also the third largest city in Spain which pretty much makes it a big deal of a city to visit. While the other 2 cities which are Barcelona and Madrid outrank this city in terms of metropolitan area, Valencia competes as the third of them all. It pretty much is a great city to visit for your different vacation activities and sightseeing. A bit of history with Valencia which is that it was founded as a Roman colony in 138 BC.

This city is situated on the banks of the Turia, one the east coast of the Iberian Peninsula, fronting the Gulf of Valencia on the Mediterranean Sea. This city is also another great place to do some boat sailing. You can use yacht rental Spain or boat rental Spain to sail the seas of Valencia. You should be able to see the different boat rental prices in Spain for your boat rentals. The climate of Valencia is a bit different from the two major cities of Spain. It has a subtropical Mediterranean climate but still it has long warm and hot summers which are perfect for sailing around the seas of Valencia. The winters are pretty much mild though and not that humid.

Things to see and do

Valencia is internationally and popularly known for the Falles or Las Fallas. This is a local festival that is held in March. You can enjoy different types of food and the most popular one would be the paella valenciana, a local specialty of the city locals. Valencia is also known for the architecture of their buildings like at the city of arts and sciences which was designed by Santiago Calatrava and Felix Candela.

Getting around in Valencia

There are many ways in going around this grand city since there are many transports which you can hire. There are also many hotels where you can stay in if you want to stay in the city for a while.

Eat and drink

If you want to eat delicious food, enjoy festivals, watch motorsports, view the breathtaking sights and many more then you should definitely visit Valencia.