Sailing in Tunø, Denmark

The island of Tunø is situated in the Kattegat with a fantastic view of the Nordby Hills on Samsø. Here you can soak up the island life in all its glory in a car free environment and ample natural diversity. On the island an abundance of vegetables are grown and sold in small stalls along the road. Potatoes, onions, and carrots entice sailors who arrive with their empty stomachs.

Things to see and do

Most of Tunø is a conservation area that was established in order to preserve the island’s identity as peaceful agricultural environment with diverse and unique nature. But at the same time it serves as sanctuary for those who are in search of peace and relaxation. Tunø By is located less then one kilometre from the marina and is a beautiful village with its farms houses and cottages right next to the street. The grocery store is well stocked and even sells fuel and gas. Also, the church is quite unusual with its bell tower that was turned into a lighthouse.

If you plan on spending a few days on the island, you absolutely have to take the whole walk around the island. The hike is very popular and takes about two hours. While walking you can enjoy the diverse fauna and the scenic view of Helgenæs, Samsø and Endelave across the water.

 The marina is spacious and well equipped with excellent toilet and bath facilities. In the area you will find lovely beaches for bathing, particularly well suited for younger children. The ferry has its own dock and thus doesn’t disturb the other boats at the docks. And even the islanders have their own part of the harbour.