Sailing in Solta, Croatia

Šolta island is the 13th largest island of Croatia. It is located in the very heart of Adriatic Dalmatia. Just 5 kilometers wide and 19 kilometers long, the island and its 7 nearby islands cover almost 60 kilometers. Šolta is very closely situated to Split that it is can be called the marine suburb of the Croatian metropolis. The island offers little villages for visitors to explore and rocky beaches to hang out in.

Landscape and climate

Spreading in the direction of west-northwest-southeast, the island offers ancient villages and stunning coves, the largest of which are located in the villages of Necujam, Stomorska and Rodac. During summers, Šolta experiences very high air temperature that can reach to 30°C as well as high sea temperatures that can go up to 22°C. During July, the average temperature shade is around 30°C. its inimitable relief and mild climate makes it an ideal place for the holidays.

Getting around Šolta

To get to the island, visitors can ride the frequent daily car ferries between Rogac and Split, as well as passenger boats. Taxi service is available that meets the ferries to whisk the visitors to their destination. There are also buses that meet most ferries. To get from Šolta to any of its islets, water taxis and sailboat rentals are available .

Things to see and do

Ruins of prehistoric Greek settlement is found is Gorne Selo. Šolta is also home to an ancient village from the Roman period. Many interesting monument are left by the island’s long history, with every one of them telling its own story. Visitors can go to these sites to marvel in its rich history.

The largest pebbly beach in Šolta is located in Necujam. At times, it can get too windy, but this is a well maintained beach. Beaches that are better protected by winds are found in Maslinica cove on the west coast, thanks to its close proximity to small islets. Exotic rocky beaches among the illimitable sea and rank vegetation are great places for unforgettable island vacations. Sailing Croatia is a fun activity here.

For those looking for active entertainment, Šolta offers large tennis courts in Stomorska, along with various water facilities like water cycles, parasailing, diving, wind surfing and others at the beaches. Biking and walking through the wonderful hills and fields of the island is also recommended. Try hiking and looking at the island from its highest point at Vela Strasa which is 236 meters above sea level.

Eat and drink

The largest part of restaurants, bars, clubs and pizzerias of Šolta is concentrated in the village of Stomorska, which is deemed as the most developed tourist center on the island, although many other villages offer various delicatessens. Maslinica, for example, has wonderful sea dishes that perfectly go with homemade wine. Other small villages give the best fish dishes, olive oil and delicious fruits.

Necujam has some unique wine cellars lade with great wines and cocktails. For those who prefer the night life, Stomorska’s funny summer nights and Gorne Selo and Necujam’s bars are the best places to go.