Sailing in Miljet, Croatia

Located south of Dalmatia, the Miljet island is one of the large islands of the south part of Croatia. Many people live in the island, particularly in the port of Sobra in the east, but the main entrance to the national park lies in the west end port of Polače. Excursions and boat rental Croatia organized by travel agencies are common in the Miljet National Park.

Landscape and climate

Occupying more than 72% of the 388 square miles of the Miljet is forest, mainly consisting of slopes, creates and dolomite and limestone forming ridges. Depressions in the island are common and are found below sea level. These are called salt lakes and mud lakes. During the rainy season, the latter gets filled with water and turn black during the dry season. The climate in Miljet is Mediterranean, with the average temperature dropping to 9°C in January, and rising to 24°C come July.

Getting around Miljet

There is only one major road in the island, and it runs near or through most cities. Visitors who came without cars can rent one from several local agencies, one of which is located at the Sobra ferry terminal. Here, various small cars can be rented, which usually come with cute decorations.

Things to see and do

One of the popular sights in Miljet is are the two lakes and the monastery located in the middle of the large lake. The monastery was once a hotel until it was damaged in 1991. Today, it is home to a cute restaurant called Melita. There are sailboat charters that leave for the monastery from time to time.

There are three beaches in Saplunara starting from the bay where you can swim and snorkel. It is easy to overlook the bay, but working through will eventually lead to Blace beach, a secluded, half-a-mile long area among the southern shores of Miljet. The hidden bay and beach faces south and is surrounded by pine trees. It looks like a lagoon.

In the south coast of the island lies the Odysseus’ Cave under the Babino Polje village. This is a large cave that was used as a harbor by local fishermen. Legend says that Odysseus used this as shelter after surviving a shipwreck and stayed on the island for 7 years. The path leading to the cave and the cave itself feature painting and graffiti on the rocks.

Eat and drink

There are so many places to eat around the harbor in Pomena. Most of which cater to the yachting fraternity and specialize in very fresh fish; live seafood are found in tanks next to the restaurants. There is one restaurant between the hotel and harbor that offers excellent barbecued fish. Other restaurants are also found in the villages of Soline, Polače, Babine kuće and on the island of St. Mary.

Pomena does not have a lot of nightlife, but the hotel has an inside bar with a band. It also has an outside shack that sells drinks. So it gives more like a quiet getaway like than party.