Sailing in Menorca, Spain

Spain has always been proud of the many islands it possesses in the Mediterranean coast. One of the most attractive is Menorca. Just like the neighboring island paradises, Menorca boasts of its sandy beaches and pristine blue waters. With this in mind, you would surely come to a conclusion that the best way to go to Menorca is by luxury yacht charter Spain. It is after all during the approach that you would feel the thrill of visiting the island. Even from afar and as your yacht makes its way to the island, you would already get a glimpse of its white beaches. The nearer you go, the more amazed you would be at the sight of the clear blue waters.

Things to see and do

If you are planning to go on sailing holidays Spain, it would indeed be wise to put Menorca as part of your itinerary. It is not just the beaches that would amaze you. The island simply has a wide variety of tourist attractions that you would never find your stay here boring. You could take a walk and find yourself virtually transported back in time as you tread on the cobbled lanes of Old Ciutadella. Aside from the cobbled lanes, the surrounding buildings would make you feel that you are in the distant past. As part of your destinations in town, make it a point to see the Xoriguer Gin Distillery. A winery and brewery, you would not only see how traditional wine and gin making is done, you would also get a taste of its products.

If you want to know Menorca, then you shold also learn about its history. You should schedule a trip to Fort Marlborough, a military facility established by the British in the early 1700s. Aside from this, you should also try the Pedreres des’ Hostal or the Naveta des Tudons. All these buildings would indeed give you a view of how that island was during those times when different countries compete to take control over it and its population. Apparently, this only shows how valuable Menorca is.

Snorkeling is another great activity that you could do in Menorca. You could simply take your luxury yacht charter Spain farther from the coast and drop anchor there. You could then take a plunge and get a good view of the rich marine life in Menorca’s blue waters. This experience would surely last in your memory, something that you could tell your friends about.

Eat and drink

With your boat from a Mega Yacht charter anchored off the coast, you could make a round over Menorca’s many exquisite restaurants. Of course, it would be a pity if you do not grab a taste of Menorca’s seafood specialties. This should take you to Jagaro, which is one of the most popular seafood restaurants in town. After a hearty meal here, you could then go to Placa d’es Born. This public park is teeming with locals even at night. Here you could definitely make new friends with the islanders and get to know more about their culture.