Sailing in Mallorca, Spain

It is sometimes confusing as to how people would like to call this gem of an island off the coast of Spain. Mallorca or Majorca, although these nearly sound the same, is actually different in pronunciation. However, the moment people would describe the things they saw and experience in the island, you would surely notice that they are talking about the same place. Mallorca is indeed unique in many ways. While this may have the same attractions as other island paradises in the world, it is the experience that is quite unique. This is the reason why many people would rent sailboat Spain and head off to the island.

There are many wonderful hotels to be found in the island. The likes of Finca Es Castell and Ca’s Curial are great choices, with the latter being admired for its spa. However, if you come to Mallorca on a sailboat from a yacht charter Spain, you may find it more convenient to just stay here during nights. After all, you would definitely spend most of your day on the island and enjoying everything that it has to offer. You would only go back to your yacht for rest. This means that you just have to find a place to dock or to drop anchor. In Mallorca, such places are actually many but it is in Port d’Alcudia that is the favorite.

Things to see and do

Since it is an island paradise, you would surely expect Mallorca to have great beaches. You are absolutely right to expect this. The island is very much known for its wonderful beaches. Among the best is Port de Pollenca. It is here that you could mingle with the tourists and the locals, make friends with them and have conversations while basking in the sun. You may anchor off the yacht that you got from a rent sailing boat Spain company near the shore so you could watch over it easily. Actually, you do not even have to do this because Mallorca is quite and safe and secure.

Mallorca’s current prominence as a beach-lover’s paradise is not the only thing that the locals are proud of. The town is also boastful of its rich past. This can be proven by the number of tourists that never fail to visit Palma de Mallorca and Pollenca. Both sites are historic places and just watching the architecture here would already provide you a glimpse of the affluent history of the town. Another attraction that you should not miss is the Cala d’Or.

Eat and drink

It is only appropriate that you check out what culinary delights that Mallorca has to offer. It is often said that Spanish cooking is one of the best in the world. Eating in Mallorca certainly proves this point right. Of course, when you dine out, you have to choose restaurants that offer local fares. Among the most popular culinary destinations in town are Media Luna, Feliciano’s, and Bonanza. Once you get here, just ask the waiters about the local delicacies that they could offer and they would surely be more than willing in providing these.