Sailing in Korčula, Croatia

The island of Korčula is located in the Adriatic Sea, south of Dalmatia. Some sources say that world explorer Marco Polo may be born here. Korčula is also the name the eastern most town on the island. Vela Luka, another town in the west, is where most of the ferries go. It is the most populated island in the Adriatic coast of Croatia, and offers great cycling facilities with stunning views.

Landscape and climate

Korčula is about 5 miles wide and almost 30 miles long. It is one of the greenest islands in the Adriatic Sea where olive groves and vineyards are abundant. The southern coast is formed by quiet coves and small beaches. The city looks like a typical medieval Dalmatian town, with red-roofed houses and towers. The climate in Miljet is Mediterranean, with the average temperature dropping to 9°C in January, and rising to 24°C come July.

Getting around Korčula

The island has no problem transportation, but is it small enough so people can walk everywhere, although bike rentals are available. The town layout is quite simple, and has a single avenue that bisects the village with roads branching toward the sea. Visiting coastal villages is best done with a water taxi or Rent sailing boat Croatia.

Things to see and do

There are so many activities to get involved in Korčula. For visitors looking for a quiet getaway, they can soak up on the sun on some of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia which are found in the island. The beaches are quite rocky, though, so correct footwear is advised. This also holds the same for swimming as there are many sea urchins in the water.

Kayaks and yacht charter Croatia are available, as well as snorkel, mask and swim fins. Southeast of the coast of Badija island is a small beach that presents are great place to kayak and snorkel. Riding around the island is also one recommended activity, and visitors can rent bicycles. Active travels can take part in the old tradition of the Sword Dance, where actors reenact a historical battle with eloquent choreography.

The Korkyra Baroque Festival is a yearly international event that showcase some of the world’s leading soloists and ensembles in Baroque music. In a span of 10 days, 12 concerts are held that focus on Baroque music. This festival also seeks to promote the culture and architecture of the town.

Eat and drink

There are numerous restaurants on the island, ranging from traditional Adriatic recipes to Italian influences. Some of their most popular local dishes include pogačice (deep-fried dough), brodet (fish stew) and pašticada (Dalmatian stewed beef). Their local desserts include cukarin and klašun (cookies).

A small wine shop in Korčula opens as a wine bar during the evenings. It serves local wines like Dingac and Posip (a dry white wine), along with a wide selection of local Rakijas (flavored brandies) like Mirta and Smokya. All of these are best accompanied with a tasty platter of ham, cheese and salted fish.