Sailing in Cyclades Islands, Greece

When people think of Greek Islands, it is the Cyclades that they mostly think of. These islands are the archetypal postcard views of white houses, blue skies seas, windmills and churches with blue domes. Not every island has them, though, but they are certainly among the most beautiful islands in the Aegean. Cyclades is made up of 220 islands, including 21 major islands.

One of the most beautiful and popular of all is Santorini, otherwise known as Thira. Sailboat charters are now sailing through the flooded crater, which was what’s left of a bug volcanic eruption. The island offers a distinctive black sand, along with good nightlife, cheap luxury hotels, and gourmet restaurants. All these made it one of the most well-known island vacation destinations.

Mykonos is just as popular; it has a better nightlife, and quality hotels and restaurants. Lately, though, its reputation is being played down to attract a more upmarket crowd of visitors. There are quieter islands too, primarily because they take a little longer to get there through yacht charter Greece. These include Kimolos, Serifos and Kythnos, where visitors can really get away from everything.

Short introduction to the most popular islands we haven't mentioned yet

Amorgos. Located in the Cyclades, it is the nearest neighbor to Naxos, although other islands like Mykonos, Santorini, Ios, Astipalea and Paros are not too far away either.

Anafi. One of Greece’s travel secrets, Anafi is the nearest neighbor of Santorini. Its permanent population just a few hundred, but it gets crowded during summer.

Andros. The largest and most northerly of the group, Andros is popular among wealthy Athenians as a second home or holiday getaway. It is easily accessed from Rafina.

Delos. Just a little over 2 kilometers from Mykonos is the holy island of Delos. This island is inhabited; no one can stay overnight to protect priceless archeological sites.

Ios. The population of Ios is at just 2,000, but it swells up during summer as young visitors are attracted by its good beaches and lively nightlife.

Milos. This island is home to the Venus de Milo, one of the beautiful statues in the world. This is a statue of Venus made from marble from the nearly island of Paros.

Mykonos. A very popular vacation destination, Mykonos has gained the nickname “The Island of the Winds.” Tourism is a major industry.

Naxos. The lush island of Naxos is the biggest in the Cyclades group, with fertile, green valleys and mountains. It also has lots of excellent beaches.

Paros. Paros has always been popular for its marble, which was transported all throughout Greece during the Classical times and was used by the finest architects and sculptors.

Santorini. One of the most popular holiday destinations in the Greek islands, Santorini is an essential port-of-call for cruise ships in the Aegean.

Syros. The administrative center of the Cyclades, despite being rocky and barren. It has a good natural harbor, which was once the main port for the whole of Greece.

Tinos. Tinos has an archeological museum that features a rich collection for a small island that lacks major sites. It is home to the Sanctuary of Poseidon and Amphitrite.