Sailing in Cres, Croatia

Cres is an Adriatic island in Croatia. It is one of the northern islands located in the Kvamer Gulf, and can be reached by riding a ferry or boat rental Croatia from the Istrian peninsula or the island of Kirk. Cres and its neighboring island Lošinj once used to be a single island, but they were divided by a channel and are now connected with a bridge at the town of Osor.

Landscape and climate

With an area of 405.78 square kilometers, is relatively the same size as the island of Kirk, although the latter has been thought as the largest of the islands for so many years. Cres has its very own fresh water lake, and it is very guarded and illegal to fish and swim in it. This is the only fresh water source in the island, which also supplies water to Lošinj. During summertime, the average air temperature is 24°C, with sea temperatures sometimes reaching 25°C.

Getting around Cres

The island is hilly so the roads are curvy, sometimes even narrowing as one path. When driving, visitors should be prepared for slow traffic, and be extra careful in maneuvering serpentines. A huge work effort is taking place on the main. It is being widened and brought further away from the dangerous cliffs.

Things to see and do

Cres town is teeming with Gothic and Renaissance architecture in a striking combination, and is numerous palaces, churches and monasteries will never get visitors bored. Enter the town through the 16th century town gates and stare in awe at a pair of Venetian lions that sit upon them. The locals say that these lions guard the town.

Lovers of nature should go to the north of the island where they will come upon the Eco-Centre Caput Insulae-Beli. This place is located in a densely forested mountainous part of the island. It looks after the forests and all those that dwell on it. Aside from this, the center also has several interesting displays that takes visitors on a fascinating journey on the northern Cres history.

The best beach in Cres is located at Kovacine campsite. In fact, this manmade beach was awarded the prestigious Blue Flag award for its high standards of hygiene. Another great beach to visit is in Valum Village. Aside from getting a Mega Yacht charter, visit the Valun Tablet, a gravestone with Glagolitic inscriptions, the oldest ever found.

Eat and drink

Despite the growing number of tourists visiting yearly, Cres has managed to maintain their culinary traditional intact. Their restaurants serve both fish and seafood menus, along with hearty meal dishes like classic ćevapčići and hog roast. Their tastiest product in this island, however, is the lamb, from gnocchi in lamb sauce to barbecued lamb ribs to lamb roast.

Šljivovica is Cres’ local liquor, and is usually on the house. This is a distilled beverage made from Damson plums. It is usually called plum brandy, and is part of a category of drinks called rakia. The flavored variety is a favorite.