Sailing in Aeroeskobing, Denmark

Ærøskøbing Harbour lies at the middle of Ærøs northern coast. Enjoy the beautiful ride through Svendborg Sund and the surrounding archipelago. The view is varied with lots to take in at one of Denmark’s most popular sailing waters. The harbour is placed centrally, almost directly in the middle of town, and has all the facilities you can imagine – learn more here.

Things to see and do

Ærøskøbing Harbour lies sheltered behind Drejø and Urehoved and is well-protected from all kinds of weather. Originally a natural harbour utilized for the maritime trades, it now shines as a fairy-tale town worth visiting. The town is Denmark’s smallest borough and offers its visitors narrow streets with well-preserved houses, cobbled alleys, crooked, imaginatively decorated doors, and boutiques witnessing the pulsating life of local artists.

The cooking house from 1810 at the harbour pier was in olden times used as a cooking place for the sailing crews in the harbour, as open fire on board the wooden ships was prohibited. In 1859 a light hole was added, showing incoming sailing vessels the way to Ærøskøbing Harbour. Around 1860 the cooking house stopped functioning as a place to prepare food. Since 2001, the renovated cooking house “Kogehuset” is open for visiting sailors, who now have the option of preparing dinner on the dry inside this historical building.