Payment for your boat rental

Why is my money reserved when the booking has not gone through? When will my payment be collected? And when do I as a boat owner receive payment for rental? Let's dive into our payment system STRIPE and answer all the important questions:

Payment 101: The Basics

You are ready to make a booking request, but now you must enter your payment details. At Boatflex we support different types of card as long as it can be treated as a credit card. Remember that regardless of the type of card you use or when you pay, you must always have transactions on Boatflex via our payment system STRIPE.

Available payment methods:

Below you can see which payment methods are available at Boatflex.

Available payment methods:

  • We saw
  • MasterCard
  • Amex
  • JCB
  • Debit cards that can be treated as credit cards


Currency conversion:

Boatflex displays prices in the currency you have selected. If you change currency at any time while booking, the price will automatically update in the new currency. When you are ready to complete your booking, the payment page will also show the new currency.


Third-party fees

If you choose to use a currency that doesn’t match your default payment method, your bank or credit card company may apply currency conversion fees to your payment. Boatflex isn’t responsible for these fees, so please contact your bank or credit card company to learn more.


Cross-border fees

When extra fees appear on your bank statement, or the amount charged differs from what was shown on the Boatflex checkout page, this might be why: If your bank or credit card company classifies Boatflex's processing entity as international, it may charge cross-border fees—even if the charge was processed in the standard currency of your payment method. 

Boatflex doesn’t manage and can’t refund these fees, so please contact your bank or credit card company to learn more.


Boatflex service fee:


When you book through us, you will be able to see on your price estimate that we add a 6% renter service fee on top of the rental price. This amount goes to Boatflex, so that you will also be able to set sail through Boatflex in the future.

Boat owner: 

When you set up your boat with us, you can use our price calculator to see how much you will earn from renting, depending on the price you enter. Here it will appear that you, as a lessor, will be deducted 16% of the boat owner's service fee. This amount goes to Boatflex, so that you will also be able to rent your boat from us in the future.


The payment process, step by step:

You have found the perfect boat and you are now ready to make a booking request on it, but how exactly does it happen? Below we have created a mini-guide so that you as a renter can see step by step how the booking will proceed:


  1. Find the perfect boat
  2. Always check price, information and availability if this has not been done in advance.
  3. If everything is correct, you can now press "request booking". The price of the boat will automatically be reserved (and thus not deducted) on your account until the boat owner has either confirmed or denied the request or it automatically expires after 72 hours. After this, your money will automatically either be withdrawn or released into your account.
  4. If the boat owner confirms your booking, your money will be withdrawn from your account when he confirms the booking.
  5. If, on the other hand, the boat owner rejects your request, your money is automatically released into your account. This usually happens a few days after the boat owner has rejected the booking. It is your bank that controls how quickly the release of your money takes place.
  • OBS: If the boat owner cancels your already approved booking, your money will be automatically refunded. The money will be available in your account within 4-10 working days, depending on which bank you are affiliated with.

Boat owner:

  1. You have confirmed a booking request on your boat, and the agreement is now in place.
  2. Renter sails during the booked period.

You will receive your payment 4-10 business days (depending on which bank you use) after the booking period has expired. The money will be automatically transferred to your account via our payment system STRIPE.