Has your boat been damaged?

The damage has been done, but how do you react now as a boat owner?


If damage has occurred to your boat during a rental period, we always recommend that the problem be resolved internally between you and your renter. The process will be considerably faster if the matter can be resolved internally.

If you cannot reach an agreement or for some other reason want Boatflex to intervene in the case, the damage must be reported to us within four days (see procedure below). In such a case, we will act as a mediator and try to reach the fairest assessment of the case. Boatflex reserves the right to have the last word in the matter, if we have been requested as a mediator.


Damage procedure for boat owner:

Report the damage to us, use the template below for this. The damage must be reported to us within four days of the boat being returned.

When you report the damage to us, it is necessary that you have made a price estimate of what it will cost to repair the damage/received an estimate from a mechanic. In this way, it will be possible to assess whether it is cheapest to withdraw a deposit or whether the damage must be reported to the insurance company.


E-mail template:

Describe the damage and send adequate pictures in an email to Support@boatflex.com

In the following email, you must fill in the following as described:



Booking number, name of the boat and lessor (your name).


If there are several damages, they are written as follows and filled in separately:

Injury 1:

Injury 2:

Injury 3:

Each individual damage is filled in in detail and with pictures of the extent of the damage(s).

Feel free to take pictures from several angles and check the value of the damage if a handle is broken, a fender is missing, etc.

Make a price estimate of the damage/ get an estimate from a boat mechanic.

Get in touch with the renter and get a written statement from him that he accepts responsibility for the damage. If you can get it immediately on return delivery, you are welcome to do so.

From here, you must assess whether the damage incurred by this booking exceeds your deposit on the boat. If it does, the damage must be reported to your own insurance as soon as possible.