Get started on Boatflex

You want to rent a boat for an amazing trip on the sea, take a look here and see how Boatflex works for you - as a renter. Welcome to Boatflex!

The basics

  • See all our boats via our map or search function on the website or our App (link). Find a motorboat or a sailboat near you or at your desired destination, at the best price. Use our Booking Broadcast to make it even easier to find the perfect "boat match" for your criterias.
  • Contact the boat owners easily and for free, so you can ask them all the practical questions about the boat, its features and availability via our integrated chat function. We always recommend that you contact the boat owner and ensure that everything is as you wish before you make your booking.
  • Book directly and safely online with just a few clicks, and rent your dream boat. You will only be charged if your charter request is accepted by the boat owner. 100% secured payment. Boatflex is your trustworthy third party. 


  • When you are a renter on Boatflex, you never have to worry whether the boat is insured or not. It is the boat owners responsibility to make sure the boat is correctly insured.  

However it is your own responsibility to buy any additional insurances. You can either choose to look e.g. cancellation, liability, weather or any other insurance you would like.