Get started on Boatflex

Do you want to rent out your boat so that others can take part in the joy of your boat? Then read along and see how Boatflex works for you - as a boat owner. Welcome to Boatflex!


The basics

    • Rent out your boat for free so that others can rent it. Sailboats, yachts, motorboats and catamarans are all welcome at Boatflex!
    • Rent out your boat to whom you want, when you want and for the price you want. Boatflex makes it possible for you to earn money from your boat by letting others share in the joy of sailing on your boat.



    • When listing your boat on Boatflex, it is always your own responsibility to make sure you have the right insurances. We trust you to make sure that your insurances are valid and active. All you need to do is go to your profile and sign the declaration of honour that you have the right insurance, and soon your boat will be ready to set sail again.