Finding a boat that suits you

Would you like help finding the perfect boat for your trip? Here are the most popular topics renters look at when looking for their next adventure on the water..


Booking 101: The basics

When you enter destination and travel days in the search field, all boats that appear for you should preferably be available. To make it even easier for you, it is a good idea to use the search filters so that the results are more precise. Once you've found a suitable boat, you may still have questions about it - features, accessories or other specifications. Here it is a good idea to write to the boat owner (via our direct chat function), they can provide you with the information you want.


Different boat types:

At Boatflex, all boats are welcome, sailboats, motorboats, catamarans, etc. Use the search filters to show you just the type of boat you want.


Search by area or port:

Use the search field to search for a city (or a specific port!) and see which boats are available in the area. You can also enter travel days to narrow your search. If only a few boats are displayed or there are none that meet your requirements, try expanding the area or possibly remove some filters.


When to write the boat owner: 

We always recommend that you contact the boat owner before making your booking request. In this way, you ensure that the boat contains everything you are looking for before you book it. Use our chat function (link to guide) to get in direct contact with the boat owner.


Smart Booking:

Find your dream boat using our Smart Booking (link to guide), here you can enter your own criteria and wishes for the perfect boat. When you have completed your Smart Booking, it will be visible to the boat owners on our platform, and then they will be able to make an offer if they have a boat that matches your wishes!