FAQ - Renter

We are always happy to help in case you have questions. You might be lucky to find the answer(s) you need in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below.


Haven't you heard from the boat owner after you made a booking request?

The boat owner has 72 hours to answer your booking request. Haven't you received an answer within the time frame, the booking is expired, and your money will be returned. 

So what now?
Our best advise is to try and book another boat.

Tip: Many boat owners like to be in contact with the renter before a booking is accepted. Try to message a couple of boats of your liking. This way your chances of getting a booking in your calendar is increased!


The boat owner has canceled my booking, how much will I get refunded as a renter?

If the boat owner has canceled your already approved booking, you will get a full refund.


How long does it take before I get a refund for a cancelled booking?

After the cancellation, it may take up 4-10 business days before the money is refunded.

If you have not received a refund within the time period, please use our chatbot to talk to a person.


I need a refund for a lost day on the water

When unexpected refunds happen, it's easiest to manage the refund directly with the boat owner.

Alternatively, refunds can be made by writing an email to support@boatflex.com


The amount doesn't match

There are several reasons why the amount doesn't match:

Currency change can mean that you're not returning the same amount.
If you have cancelled the booking yourself, the cancellation policy may be the reason.
Boatflex service fee of 6%is not refundable according to the cancellation policy.


I cancelled my booking but I only got half of my money back?

Most boat owners have set up their cancellation policy so that a late cancellation does not give a full refund, but only 50%.

We recommend that you always read through the entire boat's specificationsbefore booking.


Are you experiencing problems when entering your payment information?

There can be several reasons for this:

Coverage for both rent and deposit. When booking a boat at Boatlfex, there must be coverage on your card for boat payment for rent and for booking the deposit. Therefore, check that there is enough coverage on your card.
Your bank is blocking.Some banks have a limit on how much transfers you can make. You may want to contact your bank to find out what applies to you.
Visa or Mastercard. Several Visa cards are debit cards. Our payment system can complain about this. If you have a Mastercard, which is a credit card, we recommend that you try it.

If you are still experiencing problems with payment, please tap 'Talk to a person' so that we can investigate what is wrong as soon as possible.


The system says I have insufficient funds on my credit card

Some accounts have a daily or monthly pay limit. Contact your bank to increase the limit.

Alternatively, you can try with a different debit card. If you think there are errors in the system, please tap 'Talk to a person'.


Why is my money reserved on my account, even though the boat owner has not confirmed my booking request?

When you make a booking request on a boat, the price will automatically be reserved on your account. We do this according to the boat owner's security, to make sure that the amount is available in your account. If the boat owner does not respond to your booking request, your money will automatically be released after 72 hours, after which it will be available in your account after X number of days, depending on which bank you are affiliated with. If you want your money released early, you must contact your bank and they will advise you on how to do it.

If the boat owner cancels your booking request, your money will automatically be released when the booking is canceled. After this, it will take X number of days before they are available on your account, depending on which bank you are associated with.