FAQ - Boat owner

We are always happy to help in case you have questions. You might be lucky to find the answer(s) you need in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below.


I have to cancel a booking on my boat, what do I do now?

If you as a boat owner are forced to cancel your booking, we strongly recommend that you start by contacting the renter and explain the situation. You must then cancel the booking via our platform.


When will I get my payment from my rental?

After your rental period has ended, it will take 4-10 business days before you receive your payment.


Why can I see that a 16% boat owner service fee is deducted from my payment?

The 16% boat owner service fee goes to us, so that in the future you will also be able to rent out your boat through Boatflex.


More than 10 working days have passed since the end of the booking period and I still haven't received payment for my rental?

If, contrary to expectations, you have not received your payment after 10 working days, you can fill in our contact form (link) and our support team will help you.


Instant booking or booking request? What is the difference?

Booking request:

A booking request requiresyour approval. That is, the renter sends you a request that you must review and approve. Once approved, the rent is accepted.

Instant booking:

'Instant booking' means that the renter can rent your boat without you having to approve the booking.
Tip: for instant booking, we recommend that you make sure to choose a manageable 'minimum no-time period'. This determines how long you need to be notified in advance.


How often can I change my cancellation policy?

You can change your cancellation policy as often as you like, except on existing bookings.


Can I change the cancellation policy for a confirmed booking?

To change a cancellation policy for an already confirmed booking, it must be cancelled before a change can be made.


Does the renter get a full refund if I cancel a booking?

The renter always gets a full refund if the boat owner cancels the booking.


When will I be paid a deposit for the damage?

Once the damage is resolved, Boatflex will pay the amount within 4-10 business days.


Does my boat need to be insured to rent out with Boatflex?

Your boat must be insured before you can rent it out. You must have insurance that corresponds to your boat.

If you do not already have insurance, we recommend that you contact your own insurance company or our partner Pantaenius www.pantaenius.com


What are the requirements for my insurance? 

Boatflex requires that boat owners have a charter insurance before rental. It is optional if you want extra coverage.


Does Boatflex offer insurances?

Boatflex does not offer insurances.


Are there rules for what condition the boat must be in?

Local authorities has rules for the condition of the boat and safety equipment, which must be in order before rental.

We always refer to reading through the rules if you are in doubt whether your boat is in good enough condition to rent.


Can I rent out my jet ski on Boatflex?

Yes, it is allowed to rent out your jet ski on Boatflex.