5 tips to list & boost your boat

Does your boat need more wind in its sails? We have created a guide with the five best tips to make your boat more attractive to renters. Below you will find the guide with tips and tricks, as well as some additional advice that can help your boat become the most popular on the water.


Tip #1 - Catchy headline

The headline is always what the eye registers at first glance, therefore a catchy headline is important if you want people to click on your boat. When setting up your boat you'll be asked to fill in the boat model and boat name, these two will appear first. In addition, you will also be asked to create a headline and it is precisely this that we recommend you make short and catchy.

See below a good example of how it could look:

Hanse 350 - Luxury sailboat in the middle of Copenhagen


Tip #2 - Good pictures

Along with the headline, the images and in particular the cover image are the first thing the renter will notice when they see your boat. Therefore, both quality and quantity are important when choosing pictures of your boat, ideally you want to have a minimum of seven pictures so that you can fill in the categories we have set up when you create your boat. At the same time, make sure that the photos you choose are of good quality, this makes your boat appear more professional and attractive. As a rule of thumb, we always recommend five good photos rather than ten bad ones.

Two examples can be seen below: 






Tip #3 - Detailed description

The description of your boat is best if it is adequate and not only describes the essential things, but also the small details that make your particular boat attractive. The more details you write in your boat description, the fewer questions you will probably have to answer from renters who contact you through our chat function. It is therefore a win-win for you as a boat owner, to make an in-depth boat description, as it both makes the boat more attractive and you avoid spending time answering general questions several times.


Tip #4 - Balance your price

Your boat, your price. Buuuuut, if you dont think you are getting enough views or bookings, we always recommend trying to match your price with similar boats. You can use our search filters to find boats that are similar to your own, and in this way try to match your price so that it is in the same price range as similar boats. To make it even more attractive, you can always consider setting the price a little cheaper than the rest. This can also be done through our discount system, which you get through when you register your boat on Boatflex. Here you can, among other things, set an "Early booking discount" or "Weekly discount".


Tip #5 - Check your minimum rental period

If you have set your minimum rental period too high, it can also contribute to you getting fewer viewings/bookings than you want. At Boatflex, we have many renters who want to rent a boat for extended weekends, or just a single day. If you are only interested in renting out your boat for multi-day sailings, but are still flexible with the exact number of days, we recommend that you set your minimum rental period to two or three days. In this way, your boat will be visible to several renters who, for example, only want to sail for a few days.