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"We used Boatflex for a corporate event. The experience was super good from start to finish. Definitely something we will do again - warm recommendation from here." - Mads Worsoe

"Hand-held, professional assistance from start to finish when renting a larger boat in the Mediterranean sea." - Christian Olufsen

"I highly recommend Boatflex! It was super easy and quick to find a nice boat for a company event we held. Everyone on board agreed that the day was a success." - Cecilie Faber

"Fantastic good experience with Boatflex and with the boat! Nice with friendly service and nice trip to the water. Everything went as expected and we will definitely be back!" - Max T.

"Highly recommendable! I had a wonderful day on the water with the family and can definitely recommend Boatflex to others in the future." - Tine Bjelland

"Been looking for a company that can do this! Why buy a boat when Boatflex exists? Easy and simple and book through their system. Really good support and help throughout." - Dan Pedersen

"Excellent experience! Fantastic experiences on the water at great prices! Clear recommendation!" - Joachim Udholm Knudsen

"Boatflex is a good and safe way to rent out your boat. My boat has now been at Boatflex for almost a year. And all bookings went perfectly." - Morten F.

"Warm recommendations on Boatflex! Really friendly and good service! We has a fantastic trip in Copenhagen with a really nice boat. Can highly recommend Boatflex!" - Ann

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